Facial roller

asa luxe jade roller rose quartz facial crystal roller

ASA luxe Jade Roller: A crystal roller to enrich your skincare routine


  1. Lymphatic drainage: using the roller on your face and allowing it to roll towards your lymph nodes helps in improving detoxification and improves the skin texture.
  2. Anti-ageing: helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and significantly helps with anti-ageing. 
  3. Puffiness reduction: Helps in reducing the puffiness under your eyes and face and helps in stimulating blood flow. 
  4. Reduce tension on the face: use it as a deep tissue massage for the face and it will help in loosing up the facial muscles and reducing tension. 


  1. Wash your face and start your skincare routine. Use this tool right after your serum or face oil
  2. Use this tool in an outward and upward motion 
  3. Using the bigger side of the roller,  with medium pressure use it on your jaw and cheeks bringing the roller upwards towards the ears. Do this on the same spot for 3- 4 times for better results. Focus on your forehead and move the roller upwards and sideways releasing all the tension in that area. Do this on the same spot for 3-4 times for better results. 
  4. Use the smaller end of the roller to tackle the eyes and eyebrows. Focus on using the roller in an upward motion with light to medium pressure. Do this on the same spot for 3-4 times for better results. 

FRAME OPTIONS: Silver (stainless steel)

CRYSTAL OPTIONS: Rose Quartz; Jade