Gua sha

asa luxe crystal gua sha jade green rose quartz pink

ASA luxe Gua Sha: A massaging tool to enrich your skincare routine


  1. Anti-ageing: helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and significantly improves the appearances of ageing. 
  2. Acupuncture effect: similar results like acupuncture but without any needles. Makes it safe to use and helps in circulating the blood flow through scraping.
  3. Improves skin: increases hydration and also helps in making the skin look plumper and smooth. 
  4. Natural contouring: with constant usage and medium pressure it can help define your jaw and help achieve natural contouring. 


  1. Clean your face and start your skincare routine. Use this tool right after your serum or face oil
  2. Use this tool in an outward and upward motion 
  3. Applying medium pressure, use it on your jaw and cheeks bringing the Gua Sha upwards towards the ears. Do this on the same spot for 3- 4 times for better results. Focus on your forehead and move the tool upwards and sideways releasing all the tension in that area. Do this on the same spot for 3-4 times for better results. 

CRYSTAL OPTIONS: Rose Quartz; Jade