ASA luxe - Why crystals?

Healing crystals have been used for thousands of years by our ancestors. Crystals are found deep within the earth and hold various frequencies and sets of vibrations. These crystals were formed millions of years ago and have experienced multiple transformations. 

Our bodies and crystals both have energetic vibrations, therefore making a connection between us. We are receptive to the vibrations and that helps in aligning our energies. 

We at ASA luxe have made it our mission to utilise these crystal energies in the best possible ways!

Our crystals

asa luxe rose quartz crystal pink stone

Rose Quartz



  • Helps provide comfort and calm
  • Helps in knowing how to forgive others and yourself 
  • Beautifying crystal
  • Eases tension and anxiety
  • Encourages self-love respect trust in one’s self

asa luxe clear quartz crystal white stone

Clear Quartz


  • Healing powers
  • Energy and clarity
  • Amplifies energy by absorbing, storing and releasing it 
  • Aids concentration and memory 
  • Balance out the body

asa luxe amethyst crystal purple stone



  • Helps in inner peace and intuition 
  • Helps in creative aspects
  • Protective, healing and purifying 
  • Helps in getting rid of negative thoughts 
  • Helps with sleep and relaxation 

asa luxe obsidian crystal black stone



  • Helps to get to your strongest potential 
  • Enhances strength 
  • Shields against physical and emotional negativity 
  • Rids emotional blockage and promotes clarity
  • Helps in detoxification 

asa luxe jade crystal green stone




  • Symbol of beauty, grace and longevity
  • Help give the courage to reach your full potential 
  • Symbol of good luck, prosperity 
  • Stabilises personality
  • Energy conductor