ASA luxe

Why are we doing this?


She is a firm believer in beauty, wellness and self-care.

He is a firm believer in entrepreneurship and self-empowerment. 

Our dreams and visions have led to the creation of ASA luxe. 

This is a venture by a couple that has firmly believed in bringing the best out of people. It is the destination for true lovers of self-care. 

We want to create a place where beauty enthusiasts can come together and find unique products from all around the world. Products that help with both inner and outer glow. 

Having lived in 4 different continents, we have learnt health and beauty secrets from diverse cultures that are centuries old, and now we want to share them with the world. 

ASA luxe is a brand that has a simple goal: to bring the world into a healthier and happier place.


Interested in becoming a retailer for our products?